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Midday brought a few hours respite from the rain, though the clouds never parted. It grew a bit foggy for a while, and the dying down of the wind allowed the thin banks to drift slowly here and there, like thin, gray veils passing from tree to tree. Late afternoon brought sprinkles which gradually increased to a steady drizzle. A few occasional breezes have blown, but the wind has not returned. The fresh rain is a bit colder than the recent storm's, so perhaps some of the snow which was melted over the last couple of days in the high mountains will be replaced. In short, perhaps winter will turn back into winter instead of trying to fake a wet autumn.

While poking around in a cupboard I came across something I'd forgotten I had: A can of almonds flavored with wasabi and soy sauce. I've never tried them before, and accidentally saving them for a chilly night was a stroke of good fortune as their exotic heat is an excellent contrast to the cold monotony of a January rain storm. They have also reminded me that I have a frozen Chinese entree and still have a bit of jasmine rice to cook, so tonight's dinner is decided. Provided the power doesn't go out before I get the container into and out of the microwave. Too bad I have no sake on hand. I wonder of warmed vodka would be an acceptable substitute?

I'm still accustoming myself to the new(ish) computer, which so far is fast and reliable. This is the first time I've used Windows 7, though, so I haven't figured out how to do some things yet. I suppose it will be a while yet. The machine is about to get a rest as there's a movie coming on soon that I want to watch. Also I have to quit munching on these nuts (Deez Nuts!) and that won't happen while I'm sitting here poking this keyboard.

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