rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yawn...uh...where am I?

A guy came and cleaned up the yard of the vacant house next door. All the tall yellowing weeds are gone. My cat will be distressed. She matched those weeds, and found it easy to conceal herself among them. Her injured leg is recovering, though. She is limping less, though she still can't climb very well. Her jumping ability continues to be impressive. She leaps to the table top with only the one leg to propel her. Cats are quite remarkable.

Because the clean up work next door was very noisy, I didn't get much sleep today. That's the trouble with being nocturnal in a world full of light lovers. This makes several days running when I've been sleep deprived. Thus far, I haven't injured myself, but I have to be very careful when passing through doorways, that I don't bang my head and knock myself unconscious. (Sad to say, this has happened in the past.) The world is so lucky that I don't drive or operate heavy machinery, or work in a nuclear power plant.

The advantage to this lack of sleep is that the world grows ever more dreamlike. I half-doze while walking and, when I am startled fully awake by something, for a moment I imagine that I am in some strange place I have never seen before, about to behold wonders. I suppose this is rather like the experience of taking downers of some sort. (Never having used them, I can only imagine.) If so, I can understand why people enjoy taking them. It is quite relaxing, as long as you don't plant your face in the ground, or in one of those tricky walls that keeps popping up when you least expect it.

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