rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The new(ish) desktop is in place and running and doing Windows updates. Next I have to figure out how to get my files off of the old computer. I can remember some of my passwords, but I rely on my browser to do most of them, and until I can get the old browser installed on the new computer there will be issues at some sites. LJ is not one of them, nor is Farcebook, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to log in to Flickr or YouTube or a couple of others. Until that job is done it will be like starting out as an Internets novice. But at least I'll be starting out with my old keyboard and mouse, and won't have to deal with this awkward keypad (it really hates its own apostrophe key) and annoying touchpad anymore.

The rain finally arrived today, and though it hasn't been very intense so far it is expected to become so later. It's nice to go outside and listen to the rain without freezing my arse off, but it's sad to think of all the snow that the warmer rain must be melting higher up in the mountains. That's next summer's water supply! It is also expected to lead to some flooding in the Sacramento Valley, though probably not as bad as the great flood of 1861-62, which devastated the entire western region of the United States, along with parts of Mexico and Canada. Well get another of those eventually, but probably not this week.

But I'm not flooded yet, and the power is still on, and I'm going to go eat something and then (if its done updating) start using the new(ish) computer. Im really looking forward to not having to go back over a text to insert all the missing apostrophes.

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