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The Internet is slow tonight. I'm pretty slow myself, so when something seems slow even to me it is slow indeed. The stores were slow today, even the one that isn't usually very crowded being packed. It's probably in part because it's near the beginning of the month and all the retired people were out, having lately gotten their checks, but it's probably also because of the approaching storm which is likely to bring copious rain leading to flooding in some areas. In other words, people (especially the old people) were stocking up in case they get stuck in their houses for several days. We could end up getting somewhere between 9 and 22 inches over the next five days. That hasn't happened in years.

I'm already well stocked up myself, but I did intend to get the cat litter Safeway was out of last week, and I was unable to use my raincheck because they were sold out again (and of several other things I wanted.) I ended up getting more expensive litter at another store. That's one of the problems with towns that are too small to support full-sized stores. Maybe they'll have some in by next week, though I won't count on it.

Right now everything is still. The clouds that moved in late this afternoon were so heavy that the cars all had their headlights on before sunset. And there were a lot of cars out, so naturally I got nostalgic for Los Angeles again. But once I got home there was only this strange quiet and a moonless sky. The weather web sites are saying that it's raining here now, but if so my neighborhood has been left out. It's almost nerve wracking to wait for the first drops to fall. The clouds are so thick that, even though there's a waxing gibbous moon up there somewhere, there is no glow to reveal its location.

Standing in that eerie silence I can sense the weight of all that water waiting to crash down. The feral cats are going to hate this week so much.

Oh, and setting up the new(ish) desktop was delayed again, too. Maybe tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next. Or sometime this year. Or never.

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