rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


There was a very enjoyable moment this afternoon when a fog (aka cloud) began forming all around me. The morning had been gray and overcast, but I slept through most of it. By early afternoon, sunlight emerged and lit the enormous banks of cumulus clouds that still dominated the sky. Suddenly I noticed a haze to the north, and the trees began growing less distinct there and the shadows mere suggestions.

Almost immediately I saw swirling haze to the east and south, and the light paled, though I could still see the disk of the sun. I waited to see if the fog would envelop me entirely, but it didn't. The freshly formed haze quickly began to dissipate, and the full sunlight returned within a few minutes. It was only a ghost of a cloud, but it was nice while it lasted. In fact it made my whole day.

The feral cats were glad to have some sunlight, although the passing of the cold front left the air quite a bit chillier than it was yesterday. The cats napped wherever they could find sun until it settled behind the trees, and then they moved to sheltered spots out of the breeze that arrived with sunset. Portia spent much of the afternoon basking on bright windowsills in the house. They will get more sun tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will go shopping, but first I hope to finally get the new(ish) desktop set up. How much longer after that it will be until I can get my stuff moved from the old one I don't know, but I hope the delay won't be too long. I really want my email back on the computer. Looking at it on the web site is way too much bother, which is why I mostly haven't (bothered.) The new(ish) desktop will need quite a few updates, and there's no telling how long that will take. The computer itself is pretty fast, but the Internets connection will still be the same old, sluggish DSL.

Now I want to go eat something. I was so distracted today that I forgot to do that.

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