rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Twice Shy

So The Year That Bit Big is about to Bite the Big One. The only way it will ever be missed is if one that's worse comes along. While I hope I never miss 2016, I'm pessimistic enough to think that I might, but if I do I hope it isn't going to be very soon. Like tomorrow, for example. Every year owes us at least one really good day, and it would be nice if 2017 would start out with one of those. Then I could forget for a while what the rest of it is likely to bring.

Tonight is going to bring cold, and tomorrow is supposed to bring rain, but having been through several years of drought I don't mind the rain. I have nowhere to go anyway. Not even Pasadena would mind rain tomorrow, as when New Year's Day falls on a Sunday the parade and game are held on Monday. I wouldn't mind being in Pasadena myself, but that's not going to happen. What is likely to happen is that I'll spend the day with Internets and television— provided neither of them, nor the power, goes out.

Tonight I'm going to eat something and then start drinking something, but not too early, as I don't want to sleep through the midnight noise. I always enjoy the midnight noise, even though I no longer participate in it. I'm hoping that tonight it will remind me of years that were not 2016.

Happy New Year.

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