rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Still Here

There's a very thin fog in the air tonight, and the damp carries a faint scent of overburdened septic system. One of the houses over my back fence has been the sight of digging recently, so it might be their system, but then it might be mine. It's bound to fail eventually, but I've long hoped that I could say with Louis XV, Après moi, le déluge. This particular problem is one that Louis never had to deal with, though, as he had chamber pots and servants to empty them and bury the contents a considerable distance from the palace. I, alas, must rely on technology.

The technology on which I rely still includes this borrowed laptop with its annoying keyboard and odd quirks. While it has the benefit of being nearly odorless, it also has a screen that is too small for comfortable viewing. I find myself sticking my nose almost on top of it and still squinting to read. I'll be glad to get back to a real keyboard and full-sized screen, and hope I can arrange to do so soon.

I got the grocery shopping done today, but Safeway was out of the cat litter it had on sale, which was the thing I needed most, so I had to get a rain check and then buy a box at the other store to tide me over until Safeway gets in a new stock and I get back there, which probably won't be until next week. Safeway was actually out of several things, so I've got several rain checks. As is usual on Friday the stores were very busy and tedious, and several people were buying very large baskets of groceries. I don't know if they were just stocking up for the new year, or if they are anticipating economic chaos when DJ T-Rump takes over and were stocking up for the apocalypse. Either way, I was inconvenienced and thus disapproving of their behavior. I doubt they noticed my scowls, though.

A couple of times when I've been outside tonight there were brief sprinkles. Rain is expected over the weekend, and there could be snow on Tuesday or Wednesday, or both, or neither. It depends on whether or not the cold air that is coming coincides with the soggy clouds. I'd like to see some snow. I like the soft quiet it brings as it falls. But I don't look forward to walking in it, let alone shoveling it, which means the mail could remain in the mailbox for quite some time. I guess I can do without mail, as long as the power stays on. I've got lots of stuff in my freezer and don't want to go to the trouble of taking it outside to stay cold, nor do I want to do without my furnace or my microwave.

This keyboard is still tedious to use, so that's enough of this. Besides, I think there's something to watch on television. Maybe I'll be back tomorrow, and maybe not.

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