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We had another fairly mild day today, but the night has already gotten colder than last night did. The high tomorrow is supposed to be eleven degrees lower than today's, and it will drop another ten degrees the day after that, and then stay cold (for California) for a week. There's also supposed to be rain Friday, and a chance of rain Saturday, and freezing nocturnal temperatures both nights and beyond. It's not going to be pleasant for those feral cats I can't let in. It won't be pleasant for me, either, if my power goes out.

My rose bushes, which had very few blossoms this year, have been growing a bit and are sporting several buds, but I doubt they'll be able to bloom with such chilly weather coming up. Many of the plants in my yard have gotten a bit crazy. The leaves on one of the azalea bushes have turned red this year, and I don't recall them doing that before. I'm anxious to see if the other azalea that for the last few years has bloomed in the middle of winter will do so again this year. It's also odd that the trumpet vine on the back fence has stayed green as late as it has, despite the fairly cold season. I'm sure all this weirdness is somehow my fault, but I'm so bad at gardening that I can't figure out exactly how.

Today I ought to have visited the supermarket web sites to make out my shopping list for the week, but the computer took forever to boot up this afternoon and I never got around to it. Maybe Ill do it later tonight, if there's nothing good on television. That's a distinct possibility, holiday frenzy is reaching its crescendo. What with all the Clausmas movies on, the only one I haven't seen listed is the only one that I actually like, which is the early 1950s version of A Christmas Carol with the scenery-chewing Alistair Simm as Scrooge. If I come across it I'll watch, and then I can feel that I've paid my respects, such as they are, to the season.

Schedule catawampusness has prevented me from eating dinner so far tonight, and I'm starting to feel a bit faint, so I'd best go munch something. I'm thinking I might just microwave some nachos. Not very nutritious, but quick and tasty on a cold night.

Oh, and I believe today was the official first day of winter. Belated Happy Solstice!

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