rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


PG&E gave me a second power outage last night. It hit a couple of hours after the first one ended, and again I was using the computer and it got shut down hard. Thanks, PG&E. The machine had to check itself for ticks again when I turned it back on today, but thankfully it hasn't failed entirely yet. A few more shutdowns like that, though.... And the second outage only lasted ten minutes or so, so I didn't have to get re-frozen.

Speaking of electricity, my back fence neighbors have left their back porch light off for the first time in weeks. That would make it a good night to watch the sky, except that it's the coldest night so far this year, and there are also thin clouds which, while they don't completely hide the stars, do obscure them somewhat. It's not worth freezing just to get an occasional unobstructed glimpse of them.

Since I'll be able to replenish my supply tomorrow, I think I'm going to make some cornbread tonight to go with some spicy southwestern soup. I've found them to be a good combination. I was going to have it last night, but the power outage prevented me from using the oven and I had to settle for corn tortillas with the soup. That's a good combination, too, but not as good as cornbread.

But first I should check the mailbox. I keep forgetting, and my PG&E bill is probably out there. I fear it will be a YIKES! bill this month, given how much I've had to have the furnace running. Ah, well, it can't be helped, and at least having the furnace on is cheaper than having frostbitten toes amputated.

Time to let this poor, abused computer get some rest.

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