rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


I managed to get to my appointment with the chiropractor on time today, though it was hectic having it so early in the afternoon. Next time shouldn't be as much of a problem as I got one half an hour later. The only problem is that it isn't for two months. The doctor is having surgery, and won't be available in January. Yikes. Eight weeks without an adjustment is apt to get pretty rough, especially toward the end.


Somehow I managed to fall asleep before posting (or finishing) this entry last night. Now I'm awake at this odd hour, wondering what happened. I think maybe I just forgot. Maybe it was the rain that lulled me to sleep— or at least the thought of rain, as I haven't been able to hear it indoors. It began yesterday afternoon and turned from sprinkles to drizzle at dusk. I haven't been outside to see what it's doing right now, but it's supposed to get pretty intense later today and over the next few days.

I'm still groggy. I think I might try to get back to sleep. Otherwise I'll be crashing before noon and waking up again after nightfall, and I don't like that.

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