rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The rain didn't end until very late afternoon. With evening, rents in the drifting clouds provided occasional glimpses of the waxing moon, and as night progressed it became mostly clear. I was hoping the cloud blanket would remain in place all night so the temperature wouldn't drop too low, but no such luck. The feral cats have endured three days of almost constant rain, and to follow that with the icy chill of a clear night is too cruel. They, however, are probably just happy to be able to go out and explore their wet world without getting more than their paws soaked.

The rain will be back on Tuesday, and will continue at least through Thursday, and the nights will be getting very cold indeed. That is going to be a chillier rain than this one has been, so there is some chance of nocturnal snow. It probably won't be as heavy as this rain was, though. Tonight there are flood warnings in several places as the accumulated rain runs off, accompanied by snowmelt from the higher elevations.

Aside from the weather nothing much is happening. It's really a pretty dull time of year. That's probably why I've been sleeping so much. I look forward to sleeping more tonight. The only time I'm warm is when I'm under the blankets.

The unreliable nephew still hasn't returned the borrowed money, so tomorrow I must do triage on my grocery list once again. I'll have to eliminate more than half of what I'd intended to buy. Perhaps I should offer to let him keep part of what he owes me, provided he uses it to buy a new transmission for his ass so he can get it in gear!

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