rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Can I Get a Wetness?

So it has been raining all day, and there's a good chance it will continue to rain most of the time through Saturday. Sunday and Monday might be merely overcast, but then it will start raining again and continue to do so until, well, until the end of the world as far as I know. For now, the temperatures will stay well above freezing, but late next week the nights are expected to get much colder, and then there could be some snow. But if there is snow by night, it might get washed away each day.

All this means it looks as though I've missed by window of opportunity for getting rid of the back yard leaves. They are still there, and the leaves that remain on the walnut tree are gradually joining those that have already fallen onto the lawn. I think I've slacked off on the raking more this year than I've ever done before. I'll probably end up trying to stick soggy masses of decayed slop into the wheelie bins, if I ever put anything in them at all. Maybe I should just compost them, though that takes forever, and I don't really have enough plain dirt to mix into them to do it properly.

None of this is a serious problem this time of year, of course. Strewn leaves can be a fire hazard during the hot, dry months, but there's no way they would burn now unless somebody napalms the place, and I'm not sure even that would work. It is very seriously wet out there right now. It also looks like I won't be seeing the full moon this month, nor is it likely to be clear enough to see the Geminid meteor shower, which peaks around December 13. That's next Tuesday, and it's going to be rainy here.

Well, December is a crappy time to be outside watching for meteors around here anyway, unless it gets unseasonably warm. A balmy night appears to be pretty much out of the question for the remainder of this year. Drying off looks to be unlikely, too. Gee, I hope I don't start getting moldy.

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