rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Here It Is

Rain began falling at nightfall. At first it was mixed with a few flakes of snow, but now it is just rain. There was an inversion layer last night. It got down to 34 degrees here on the ridge, but down on the valley floor, about 1,500 feet lower, it went all the way down to 28. Our high today was supposed to be about the same as the valley's, but tonight the low will probably be a bit lower here. Back to normal. I'm sure the people in the valley will be glad of that.

I slept very little last night, and went out to check on the feral cats before dawn. Pale light was just coming into the eastern sky, and rows of clouds glowed a deep red. Within a short time, most of the clouds vanished, and the sunrise was less spectacular than I'd hoped it would be. Still, it was better than the sunset this evening, which wasn't there at all.

Despite a brief nap this afternoon I'm still very tired, and probably won't stay awake much longer even with the aid of tea. If I go to sleep too early I'll surely wake up in the middle of the night, and then my schedule tomorrow will be catawampus as well. I'm hoping there'll be something on television sufficiently riveting to keep me awake past midnight, but the odds are slim. Today being Pearl Harbor Day (Happy Pearl Harbor Day) TCM has been showing a string of war movies, and it being close to Clausmas a lot of other channels have been showing the usual sappy holiday stuff. Neither genre holds much interest for me. I might have to resort to Comcast's On Demand selections, though their menu is a pain to select from, which is why I don't do it often.

As I fell asleep with the television on last night, and it was on CBS, I woke up with the morning news running, and the first thing I heard was that natural gas prices have spiked about 40% in the last few weeks. Now I'm even more worried about how high my utility bill is likely to go this month. Thanks, oligopoly.

This being the sort of weather that sometimes leads to power outages, and my emergency backup heater in the den being out of commission, I think I'll go microwave my dinner right now, although I stuffed myself with a large late snack this afternoon and am not very hungry yet. Better to eat before I'm hungry than to have to heat a can of beans on the stove and eat it in the cold.

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