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Last night was clear enough that I had a good view of Orion for several hours. Tonight has gotten a bit cloudy, and it feels colder because the humidity is up. I won't be going outside to look at Orion quite so often tonight. I won't be sitting at the computer much longer, either, as the chill is driving me to go into the warmer living room and watch television from under a pile of blankets. A pile of blankets is considerably cheaper than raising the temperature of the thermostat. It is definitely feeling wintry.

The Clausmas lights are going up in the neighborhood. The house up the block that has sported strands of blue lights for the last few years is back to a more conventional display of white with a few red and yellow scattered among them, I don't mind this change. Somehow the blue lights always made me feel a bit melancholy. I guess that's why the call it The Blues.

Something I noticed this evening is that the pine that leans in yard at the end of the block looks a lot more leany now than it did before the nearby straight trees were taken out. It used to be just an interesting variation, but now it tends to dominate the scene. Back when that yard had a large oak with one leader that arched precariously over the roof of the adjacent house, I never even noticed the lean of that pine tree. It just blended in to the scene. The more austere a scene is, the more individual oddities will stand out. I wonder if I should dress a bit more elaborately?

Soup for dinner, with one of those tasty bolillo rolls I picked up at Safeway. They have improved their recipe, and they are leaving them in the oven a bit longer to get a decent color on them, so are much better than they used to be. (For those who might not know, bolillos are a raised Mexican bread, also known as pan francés, which are like foreshortened baguettes. They are the perfect size to accompany a bowl of soup. Pretty popular in California, but I don't know if they are in other states.)

The television calls, and the blankets.

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