rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Wrong Days

Grocery shopping on Monday can be hectic, especially this close to Clausmas. It got so hectic today that I decided to skip the last store. That one had only a couple of things I was going to buy, anyway, and none of them were essential. I gave up a couple of minor luxuries to get the greater luxury of not dealing with any more crowds. Hooray for the free market in avoidance!

It's looking less likely that there will be any snow here this week. Tonight and tomorrow night will have lows below freezing, but no rain is expected. Rain is predicted for Thursday, but that night the low will be well above freezing. In fact the rainstorm is what is going to bring the warming. All that mild water will take the freeze right out of the air.

But at least the dry days will give me another chance to deal with the leaves in the back yard. Most of the front yard leaves are in the wheelie bins and out at the street for tomorrow's pickup, but the back yard is still strewn. This afternoon the breeze was blowing the walnut leaves down by the dozens, so the dried out leaves are now covered by a layer of fresh, yellow leaves. That means the raking won't go as easy as I'd hoped it would.

Shopping on Monday has also delayed my evening television viewing. I'm going to go see what's on now.

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