rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Near Mildness

Today it got what passes for warm around here in November. The feral cats basked in the sun in the back yard, and Portia spent a couple of hours napping on a window sill. Indoors, I still needed the furnace, and it ran far too often even though I have the thermostat set pretty low. Colder days and nights lie ahead, and I dread the arrival of December's utility bill. It will undoubtedly be the biggest check I'll write all month.

In other money related news, the nephew who owes me some will finally be able to pay me, but not until Monday or Tuesday, which means I'll have to stop at the bank before I go shopping tomorrow. It adds more than a mile to the length of the trip, and I was hoping to put it off until later in the month. At least I'll have enough in the bank to actually shop tomorrow, and won't have to miss this week's sale times (as I did on the week before Thanksgiving, which as usual had the best sale of the year.) No more subsidies for that nephew.

Still haven't gotten around to dealing with all those fallen leaves. Maybe tomorrow, if I wake up early enough. Afternoon will be taken up with shopping. I think it's supposed to rain Tuesday, and that's trash day, too, so I really need to get it over with by Monday afternoon and get my leaf-stuffed wheelie bins out that evening. The rain gutters probably need cleaned out before Tuesday as well. I like the trees, but they sure are a hassle in autumn.

Now dinner, after a few minutes of looking at the waxing crescent moon as an appetizer (less fattening than cheese.)

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