rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Dull Season

So I spent a long time this afternoon looking at the accumulated leaves on my back lawn and thinking about raking at least part of them. In the end, I merely swept away those which had fallen on the walk that bisects the lawn, and left the rest to continue decaying. I think they might need to dry a bit more before raking. There is not supposed to be any more rain until early next week, and most of the days between now and then are expected to be fairly sunny, so such drying should take place.

As the leaves dry they get smaller and lighter, so they will get easier to deal with and will take up less space in the wheelie bins. That's my excuse, anyway. If I don't have them removed by the time the rain returns then I'll be forced to admit that I just don't feel like raking.

Sadly, contemplating those leaves and sweeping a few from the walk was the most exciting thing to happen all day. This being November, it will probably turn out to have been the most exciting thing to happen around here all week. Something exciting might happen out in the big world, but this place is pretty much guaranteed to be monotonous this time of year.

I suppose a neighbor might go crazy and shoot somebody, but that hasn't happened yet in the thirty years I've been here, so either it remains unlikely or we are due for such an event. Being no prognosticator, I can't say which. Too bad I can't read chicken entrails. But then I have no chickens, so that's no matter either, is it?

I fell asleep last night before turning off the computer, so it has been on since yesterday afternoon and needs its beauty sleep. I'm making an early night of it and will soon go microwave a burrito and transfer my attention to the television. Sometimes English people murder one another there on Wednesdays. I haven't checked the schedule yet, but I can hope.

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