rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chilly Neglect

It was remarkably cold today, and thus is already remarkably cold tonight. The cold has been all the more noticeable since the change from yesterday's high was large; 17 degrees. Oddly, last night got down to 34, which is a bit higher than tonight's low will be. Tomorrow is supposed to be a bit warmer than today, but not as warm as yesterday. In fact yesterday's 61 could turn out to have been the highest high for quite some time. The day (and night) I'm keeping an eye on is next Tuesday. There's a 40% chance of rain, and the nocturnal low is to be 30 degrees, which opens up the possibility of snow that night. Dawn next Wednesday might reveal a frozen white blanket covering the ground.

Tonight, the only blankets will be the ones covering me. I'm picturing myself curling up under them even now. But first there will have to be some soup consumed, and before that there will have to be a computer put to sleep, and before that there will have to be a cat's litter box emptied, and before that the (snail) mailbox must be checked. I totally forgot to look in it not only today but yesterday, and there might be stuff piling up— though this late in the month probably not. Not unless someone decided to send me a surprise, which hasn't happened in, oh, years and years. It's possible that everybody I used to know is dead, and I just haven't been informed of of the fact.

But that would be depressing, so I'm just going to pretend that they plain don't give a rat's ass. Which is probably not actually pretending, come to think of it. If any of them gave a rat's ass it would have been delivered by now. So I might find something in the mail box tonight, but if I do it will probably be advertising of some sort, and not a rat's ass.

I hope it snows next week. That might go a little way toward making up for my rat's asslessness.

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