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Disruption [Nov. 29th, 2016|11:38 pm]
Today turned out to be one of my occasional sleep catch-up days. I don't remember exactly when I fell asleep last night, but I think it was not long after midnight. Then I woke up around four o'clock in the morning, cat napped for a while,then fall asleep again and woke up about seven o'clock this morning. The surprise came later, when I fell asleep again while watching television about one o'clock in the afternoon, then didn't wake up until after four o'clock this evening. I saw very little sunlight today, even though the day was mostly sunny— at least the parts of it I did see were.

But the end result of all this is that I've spent the rest of the day since waking just trying to catch up with everything I didn't get done. I haven't yet. I'm not sure how tonight will go. I might find myself unable to sleep again until dawn, or after dawn, or I might just pass out again unexpectedly. It will probably be a couple of days before I feel anything like normal again. I usually is when this happens. I miss the days when I had a regular, dependable schedule.

For the time being I'll just concentrate on not forgetting what day of the week it is. Something tells me even that won't be very easy.