rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The oak tree that blocks the light from the sodium vapor street lamp on the next block back of my house has dropped all its leaves, and now that light will be glaring onto my back wall every night until the new leaves come out in spring. It is literally the only street lamp in the neighborhood, and it is in exactly the wrong spot. A bit farther up or down that block and it would be permanently hidden from my yard by some nice pine trees.

In fact there used to be a few pines that mostly blocked it. They were in the yard over my back fence. The owner of that property had them all cut down to make room for access to an over-sized garage and workshop he put up, but the new building is too far north to block the light itself. The big open space it needed in front of it, so vehicles could get into it, is where the useful trees were. I really miss those trees. The squirrels probably miss them, too. Between them they probably produced a couple hundred pine cones full of tasty nuts every year.

I think my nephew, who has been hanging out in my garage, just made some coffee, as I keep smelling it. If he didn't, then I've probably got a brain tumor. Real or imagined, the aroma is making me nostalgic for the days when I could drink coffee without getting the fantods and staying awake for days on end. I could still drink decaf, of course, but that stuff just doesn't taste the same, even with all the modern technological advances in decaffeinating it. Gee, I miss coffee as much as I miss those light-hiding pine trees.

Dinner has been much delayed tonight. I was going to bake something, but time flew even though I was not having fun, so now I think I'll just have a can of soup again. There are fresh bread rolls from Safeway, which make a nice accompaniment to soup. Especially when they have way more butter than I should eat on them. Yes,that sound good. Soup it is.

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