rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Chilly and Chilis

I heard a nocturnal flock of geese flying over the neighborhood a while ago. They'll be happy to find the valley freshly watered, I'm sure. My lawns are now well watered too— in fact so well watered that, wherever they are not covered by leaves, they are growing fast enough that they might need mowing soon. That's unusual for this time of year. Most of the mowing usually takes place in spring and early summer.

There was soup for dinner again tonight, in keeping with the chilly weather, but this time I made a pan of corn bread to go with it. The soup was Progresso's Southwestern Style Vegetable, one of a number of soups they've come out with recently that is flavored with Mexican spices, including chili. The extra heat of vegetable origin was quite welcome, and the soup went well with the corn bread. I wish I could find some canned chili that tastes as good as that soup does.

Tonight is predicted to get even colder than last night, and one of the feral cats has already taken refuge in the cupboard on the back porch. They won't be seeing much of me tonight, as every time I go out and then come back in my ears start to tingle from the cold, even though they are covered by my hoodie. It's still somewhat cloudy, and if it rains tonight (there's only a alight chance) the rain might turn into snow.

We haven't seen any proper snow in recent years, and I wouldn't mind a bit. If any falls tonight it will be thin, though, and likely to melt off before I wake up tomorrow. Ah, well. Maybe this winter we will get a proper snowstorm or two. The feral cats will be so surprised. They've never seen the stuff.

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