rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


It must be the damp that's making the cold feel so very cold today. Now that night has fallen it's feeling even colder, and I'm about to go into the living room and watch television from under a blanket. I don't even care what's on. I just want to be distracted and get warmer.

Leaves got put into bins and hauled away in a big trick today, but they were leaves that had already been piled up, not the leaves that are covering the back lawn. Soon the front lawn will be covered as well, as the fat leaves of the fruitless mulberry tree are starting to come down. But even with leaves everywhere it is still looking more like winter than autumn already. Feeling like it, too.

I think I'll be having hot soup for dinner tonight. Then I'll probably go to sleep early, as I woke up way too early today and had no nap. In fact I'll probably fall asleep as soon as the blanket warms me up. It's hibernation time for sure.

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