rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Yet More Wet

There was some rain today after all, though it was intermittent and never got very intense. I made my shopping trip and stopped by the laundromat to do two loads of washing. I'm hoping I can get my own machine fixed or replaced before I have to go again. The laundromat is a hassle. So was Safeway, the only store I went to today. The stores grow ever more zoo-like as the holidays approach. Fortunately I had little to buy (being pretty much out of money for the month, unless my nephew coughs up what he owes me) so I didn't have to spend too long in there.

We have settled into autumn chill and rain, and now I'm wishing I had dealt with those leaves on the back lawn earlier. There isn't going to be a long enough period of sun to dry them out at any time in the next ten days, and raking them will be a nasty business. A week from Wednesday the nocturnal temperature will go down to freezing, and I could end up with an even bigger problem. Once they've been frozen, walnut leaves turn into a gooey, slimy mess. But the lawn is almost entirely buried now, so I'll have to deal with them soon if I want the grass to get any sunlight at all.

Tomorrow is apt to be a rerun of today, though perhaps without the rain. The rain will probably return Wednesday, though and there will be more over the weekend, and then again early next week. The place is going to get quite soggy. My December utility bill is likely to be enormous, too. Ah, but at least I'm not sweating from heat or sneezing from pollen, or watching the plants in my yard desiccate. No season is perfect, but late fall is pretty nice when you consider the alternatives.

And yes, I've heard geese flying south. I haven't seen any so far since the have been coming by after dark, but some evening soon I'll probably get glimpse of a flock or two. I always look forward to that.

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