rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Slugged Out

Almost midnight and I'm still trying to catch up. Everything seemed to slow down today. Traffic was slow when I was going to and from the chiropractor's office, the checkstand line in the store was slow when I stopped to pick up the head of garlic I forgot to buy Sunday, and the computer has been slow all afternoon and evening. I was even slow when I woke up late and rushed at a snail's pace to get ready to go get adjusted. Luckily the adjustment itself wasn't slow. It took about as long as usual.

The day was quite splendidly overcast, and there was rain while I slept but none after I woke. I still enjoyed the gray, wet pavements and the fact that all the cars had their lights on. It lent the scene a festive air. I could use some festive. The clouds have thinned enough tonight that I can see the no-longer full moon. It's still bright, but comes and goes as the clouds drift across it. I wouldn't mind a few more days like this, but I probably won't get them. I haven't checked the weather sites to make sure, as I fear they will be too slow.

Let's go see if the television is running at normal speed.

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