rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Sleeping It Off

I didn't sleep for about thirty-five hours, and when I did go to sleep sometime before one o'clock this morning it came as a surprise. In fact I think the last thought I had before I passed out was "I should go in and turn off the computer... but I'm sure there's plenty of time as I'll probably never sleep again." So when I woke up at eleven o'clock this morning the computer was still on. I haven't turned it off yet, as I intend to wait until the anti-virus does its regular afternoon tick check.

In the meantime, it is a mild day and I've got the windows open for some fresh air, which is slightly warmer than the air in the house. I've got the HVAC's fan on, too, though the stream of air coming up from the floor vents feels chilly. That's just wind chill factor. I know the house is actually getting a bit warmer, and I should be able to save some gas from being burned by the furnace tonight.

It's a bit over 64 in here right now, and probably three degrees warmer outside. I don't have a thermometer outside, but I have a feral cat who sleeps in patches of sun when the outdoor temperature gets down to 66 or so, and he's currently napping in the shade, so it's still warmer than that out there. When he moves into the sunlight I'll close the windows and turn off the fan.

Kitty litter is on sale at Safeway tomorrow only, but I don't think I'll be able to arrange transportation to get there. I hope I can make what I have on hand last until the next sale.

When it cools off a bit I might rake some of the leaves that have accumulated on the back lawn. The oaks are shedding furiously now, and the walnut is beginning to shed. If the few clouds I see forming toward the south move this way and thicken enough to give the yard some shade it will be good raking weather. Right now it's just too warm and sunny. The feral cat told me so.

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