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This being Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) I should probably eat some dead meat, but I've got some bean and cheese burritos I'm having instead. This was partly a simple failure to plan ahead, and partly a quirk of the weather. I have some sandwich ham, but the night has turned chillier than I'd expected and I don't feel like eating a cold sandwich. Hot pastrami would be nice, but I have none, so I'll make do with the burritos (I actually haven't had a pastrami sandwich since I left Los Angeles over thirty years ago, and I really miss them. There are a couple of places the have pastrami here, but based on my experience with other stuff those particular places sell I don't want to chance it.)

It was warmer today than yesterday, and should be warmer still tomorrow and Friday, but the nights continue to drop down into the high forties. The wider the diurnal temperature range, the colder the nights feel in comparison to the days. Friday the range is expected to be 24 degrees. That's probably going to be very unpleasant for me, and probably even more so for the feral cats. This afternoon they napped in the back yard, migrating with the sun. Every time shade caught up to them, they'd move to a new sunny spot. They took off after sunset. Apparently night is not good napping time for them anymore.

The briefly colorful maple tree I can glimpse from my back yard has lost most of its leaves, but the dogwoods across the street are still red, and another maple of a different variety in the back yard next door is turning yellow. Looks like this is going to be one of those autumns when the color is spread out over time instead of all bursting out at once. Rather dull, in other words. I envy those places that have grand displays of fall color. I only get to see that in movies, and even when a larger number of the trees here change color together there are still too few of them to make much of a display. Oaks aren't very showy, and the pines aren't showy at all.

We might get more rain over the weekend, but that is not yet certain. The only certainty is that the nights have gotten cold, and will soon get colder still. I hope I don't run out of blankets.

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