rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Calm Before Storm.

Shorty before it set, the sun made a brief appearance. Other than that, the day was relentlessly gray, but with little rain. It made for a good day to go to the stores, which weren't as crowded as I'd expected. I got home fairly early, and watched a couple of movies on television instead of trying to deal with the computer (my Idernet connection has been cutting out again, which is tedious.)

The evening is very quiet. It was breezy earlier, and this morning the leaves were still dripping from last night's rain, but now the stillness is so intense I have to make a bit of noise myself now and then, just to be sure I haven't gone deaf. Now I'm going to go make some dinner and spend the rest of the night vegetating until I fall asleep. The router is giving me a green light for posting, but there's no telling how long that will last. Big rain expected tomorrow, and maybe some thunderstorms, so my connection might get even iffier, or go away altogether if the power goes out.

There was something else, but I've forgotten it. Oh, well.

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