rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


For a while this afternoon I thought we might get a decent fog, but it never thickened enough. Instead, after an hour or so it went back to raining. The rain still isn't very intense, but there's supposed to be a big storm coming in on Sunday which could get blustery, and so I'll have to arrange my shopping trip for tomorrow. Saturday is not the best day at the supermarkets, but I don't have much to buy so it might not take longer than usual. Then I'll be able to stay home and enjoy Sunday's power outages in peace.

Funny, but my feral cats have been out in the rain all day, only coming onto the porch to eat now and then, but the cat who lives next door has been sleeping on a chair under my den window all day. He doesn't have a dry spot in his own yard, and apparently they've forgotten he's outside and so he has taken refuge here. He gets along with the feral cats okay, so I never run him off, and it looks as though he's accepted me as part of his world, although he won't let me touch him. If I keep feeding him he'll probably just move in eventually. Maybe he has already. Maybe that was the neighbors' plan.

I'm wondering if I should eat the frozen lasagna I bought last week tonight. The big storm could bring a power outage, and I wouldn't be able to cook it Sunday or save it from melting in a powerless freezer. I could save it for tomorrow, but my schedule for the day is still unsettled and it might turn out to be inconvenient. Yeah, I probably should eat it tonight. I'd rather have waited until after I shop and have fresh tomatoes for a salad, but doing that might tempt fate too much.

The web site I'd intended to spend some time with tonight isn't working, so I think I'll just go watch television. I'll try not to fall asleep before dinner, so I won't end up eating lasagna at two o'clock in the morning. That would make me nostalgic for Los Angeles, and I'm melancholy enough now without getting a load of nostalgia added on top of it.

I wish we'd gotten some fog.

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