rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


So far this storm has played nice, remaining mostly drizzle. The bucket that catches the drips from the leaky skylight on the back porch hasn't had to catch any drips at all. The yard is getting a nice watering, and the porch remains dry for the feral cats. In fact the cats even venture out into the rain now and then, and don't seem to mind, though it is rather annoying to me when they come back and rub their damp fur against my leg and get my pants wet.

It turned out last night that no English people were murdering one another on television, but tonight they were. And then I fell asleep halfway though the show and never found out who the murderer was. It was actually a rerun, but a rerun from several years ago, and if I ever saw it I have forgotten it. I'm hoping there will be a rerun of the rerun, and that I will see it and will be able to stay awake long enough to find out who murdered the poor kid who didn't even get a line because he was dead when the thing started.

As it will probably continue to drizzle all night I wish it was a bit warmer and I could leave my windows open and listen to the rain. But then I'll probably go to sleep before much longer, and I never remember what I hear when I'm sleeping unless it wakes me up, and drizzle wouldn't be likely to do that.

Oh, look how late it is. I'm going to go microwave a slice of cornbread for a midnight snack.

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