rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Brief Respite

I think there were some clouds today, but they were so thin and vaporous that I couldn't be sure if they were real, or if my eyes were just a bit cloudy. At sunset, there did appear to be a vague pinkness to parts of the sky, but I still couldn't be sure. There will surely be clouds tomorrow, though, as the forecast is now predicting a 100% chance of rain four days in a row. It's going to be getting colder again, too. Today was an anomalous seventy degrees, but from now on it's supposed to stay in the fifties, day and night, for four days and three nights, and then the nights will drop into the forties for the next six nights at least.

Four days of rain won't be bad if the rain is not continuous, and if it doesn't grow as intense as the last storm did. I wouldn't mind four days of gentle rain, with occasional downpours and occasional breaks, but four days with rain like Monday and Tuesday brought would be 1/10 of Noah's flood, and I wouldn't want to see that. I quite enjoyed today's dry mildness, which was an enjoyable contrast with the previous two days, but no more such days are predicted for the time being. We might be settling in to the usual late autumn monotony, which can sometimes last all the way to spring. I do miss the more varied weather of Southern Californian.

There might be some English people murdering one another on television tonight, but I haven't yet checked the schedule. It would be good for me to get some vicarious murder in, if only to prevent me from murdering someone from AT&T over the telephone service, which is still MIA, or the Internet service, which is still slow and intermittent. There's no telling what four days of rain will do to it. I might find myself back in the technological 19th century before the weekend is over.

The feral cats enjoyed the dry day as much as I did. They will probably be disappointed to have the rain return so soon. I could have used a couple more dry, mild days myself.

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