rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Early Tuesday morning the forecast predicted that the rain would taper off after eight o'clock in the morning, but instead it continued all day. I had to empty the bucket that catches the drips from the back porch skylight twice. It actually overflowed during my afternoon nap, which means it only took about four hours to fill. That was a lot of rain. It finally ended just before sunset, and we had a few minutes of sunshine, and stars are now shining among the scattered clouds. It ought to be dry tomorrow, but after that is anybody's guess.

The forecast is saying rain over the weekend and on Monday and maybe Tuesday, but after today's mis-forecast I'm not going to take it for granted. So far the local soaking has been greater than originally expected, and the rice farmers in the valley are not happy because the harvest was not yet over when the rains began, and now they will probably lose what grain was left in the fields. The waterfowl will be happy, though, to find the fields flooded when they arrive for winter. Some win, some lose.

This is actually Tuesday's entry. It is belated because I slept too long that afternoon, but also because the computer has been slower than ever. It takes forever to do anything on it. But I guess that makes little difference given the fact that it now takes me forever to get my brain working well enough to decide what to say next. What I'll say next now is that I'm done saying anything for now. I'm going to go outside and sniff the fresh night air. Maybe it will clear some of the cobwebs from my brain.

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