rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Hours of gray overcast finally produced some rain early this afternoon, and it has been almost continuous since then. Lately some gusty wind has been sending the rain onto my back porch, and it will probably be soaked clear across by morning if the rain continues. The feral cats will not be happy. One has been spending most of his time in the sheltered cupboard, one is sitting on the still-dry doormat outside the back door, and the other one has ventured out into the rain as he doesn't like the other two and doesn't want to endure their presence.

There is a second shelf in the cupboard, and there is a chair with a cloth in it that could stay dry enough if the wind doesn't get too fierce, but so far nobody is using them. Still, all three cats could be accommodated, if they are willing to show some forbearance. They have done so before, and maybe they will do so this time. It depends on what moods who gets into, I suppose. Cats.

I intend to have some soup for dinner, which I have put off due to having had lunch rather late again. There is a roll fresh from the store bakery yesterday to go with the soup, and the butter is softening. The only decision left to make is what kind of soup I will open. I'm sure I can find something to watch on television, and the rainy night will pass pleasantly enough. As long as I don't worry too much about the cats, of course.

The rain is likely to continue tomorrow, and I expect the grass to be quite green by the next time the sun comes out. It's a good thing that nature is watering everything, as I got my latest water bill the other day and it's more than I'd expected. I really don't like spending that much on water during the season when I have to start spending more on gas for heat. Here's hoping that autumn continues to be sufficiently wet to keep the water bills low.

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