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No Meteors [Oct. 22nd, 2016|07:21 pm]
If the Orionids displayed any meteors here last night I didn't see them. The clouds did increase, and I saw only occasional stars peeking through, plus the back fence neighbor did leave his back porch light on all night, which would have dimmed anything that might have appeared in the sky anyway. Too bad, because the moderately cool night would have been ideal for sky watching.

The moderation is diminishing, and I expect to have the furnace going quite a bit tonight. The next week won't be very cold, but the days will be cool and the nights rather chilly. Of the eight days starting Monday, the long range forecast predicts some chance of rain on all of them, but better than even chances on six and less than even chances on the other two. I hoped for a rainy fall, and it looks like getting it, at least so far.

What I hope now is that this doesn't turn out to be one of those times with a rainy fall followed by a dry winter and spring. If it is, then we'll be back to having severe water restrictions next summer. If that happens I might as well start ripping out shrubs, as there are several I doubt will survive another low-water period anyway. The oleanders along the back fence already look like they're on the verge of dying.

But winter hasn't happened yet, and maybe we'll get lucky. We got lucky last winter, though that was thanks to El Nino, which is probably going away this year. Weather is full of surprises, though. Maybe that's why they call it meteorology.

[User Picture]From: daisydumont
2016-10-23 10:33 pm (UTC)
I still can't see enough sky to do any good. I was over at my son's till around 11:00, and he does have sky, but it was overcast. Ah well, I have seen the sky. ;)

Hope you get enough rain all winter.
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