rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Somehow I missed the news that the peak of the Orionid meteor shower was early this morning. Well, the waning moon was up by then, so I probably didn't miss much, and I was asleep then anyway and probably needed the sleep more than I needed to see a few streaks of light across the sky..More meteors could be visible this evening, and I'm about to go outside and look, but we had some very lovely cirrus clouds hanging about most of the afternoon and at sunset, and they might persist.

If it isn't too cloudy, the Orionids are fairly well situated for viewing from my back yard, though the view is better later at night than it is this early in the evening. Orion is in the east southeast right now, behind some tall pines, but around midnight or so he will be due south and fairly high, where I've got a good-sized patch of open sky. It's not too chilly out tonight, either. I do hope the back fence (and next door south) neighbors leave their porch lights off tonight.

I had a very late lunch, so I'll have to delay dinner until quite late, too. I ought to have had a nap this afternoon, as I've been up since seven o'clock this morning and thus at risk of conking out pretty early. I'll just try to stay off the couch as long as possible.

Out now.

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