rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Today it was warm enough to avoid the furnace all day and probably most of the night, but I still had to close all the windows about five o'clock. It will be cooler tomorrow, but I might get some fresh air for an hour or two. After that it will be back to keeping the windows closed all day and all night. It might rain on Tuesday, and then again on Friday and Saturday, but after tomorrow it will be chilly all week. There will be hot tea and hot chocolate again, and sleeping under piles of blankets. One tree I can glimpse from my back yard has decided to decorate the season appropriately with a mass of bright red leaves, but so far it is alone in its effusiveness. The air is about to feel like autumn, but the landscape doesn't look it yet.

The recent rain and chill caused the walnut tree to drop upward of a hundred nuts so far. They are bigger than last year's, but not very numerous. The squirrels and raccoons are taking their share, but I've gathered and set aside a small bag of them for myself. I doubt there will be very many more. I might just let the beasts have them. I actually still have several small nuts left from last years abundant crop, so I'm sure I can get by with a smaller cache this year.

I got too little sleep last night, so I had dinner early this evening, just in case I conk out early, too. I'm hoping to stay awake until after midnight, as going to sleep too early can end with my waking too early the next day, and I certainly don't need too little sleep two days in a row. Maybe there will be something on television sufficiently interesting to keep me awake until a reasonably late hour. The Internets won't be much help, as the computer is being terribly slow again, and the tedium of waiting for pages to open is itself a soporific. I think I'll go outside and see if the raccoons are here again. They visit every night when the walnuts are falling. The fresh air might invigorate me enough to stave off Morpheus a bit longer.

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