rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


The second storm turned out to be less intense than expected, just as the first one did. I'm not complaining. There was plenty of water dropped, and parts of the brown lawn are already turning green, and everything looked bright and clean when the sun emerged for a while this afternoon. This doesn't mean that I won't have to irrigate my landscape any more this year, but I'm undoubtedly set for another week, and then there's a possibility of more rain next Monday and Tuesday. A longer dry spell could still arrive before winter, but with luck I've seen the last of the really high water bills until next summer, or late spring.

Naturally the passing of the storm means a very cold night tonight, but we're supposed to get three or four mild days this week, and I might even get a chance to have the windows open for a while on two or three of them. But I suspect that the nights when I can leave the furnace off are gone for the rest of the year. It's going to go well below sixty every night this week. There are some blankets I'd like to wash, but I'll have to wait until the washing machine gets fixed or replaced.

Shopping a day late was a bit hectic, as Mondays are busier than Sundays. The stores were out of a couple of things I wanted to get, too, so I have to remember to take the rain checks next time I shop. At least I remembered to get the rain checks this time.

Tonight I have to adjust to the damp chill. The first damp, really chilly night of the year is always uncomfortable for me. The furnace doesn't seem to warm me up enough, even if I raise the thermostat. But this usually only lasts for a couple of days. And eventually the damp will go away. Just not tonight. It would be a good night to use the oven. Too bad I already made brownies Saturday night, and I'm too hungry to wait for potatoes to bake. Maybe I'll make a batch of corn bread later. Or maybe I'll fall asleep early under the pile of blankets I ought to have washed before the washing machine broke. Shopping on a busy Monday did wear me out.

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