rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Not Yet Washed Away

The day couldn't seem to decide if it would be blustery and rainy or mopey and drippy. About sunset it finally made up its mind, and it looks as though the night might turn fierce. The rain gutters have been filled to overflowing several times, and the pond that forms on part of my back lawn is lapping at the porch. Two of the feral cats are already hiding out on the porch, but will probably soon be forced to retreat into the cupboard. I've put a small cushion on the lower shelf of the open cabinet, to supplement the old pillow on the upper shelf. I hope that will be sufficient. If Ton Ton Macat shows up he'll either have to endure the damp cement or displace one of the others, neither of whom will share, from the cupboard. I'm hoping he'll stay away, though, as he is a bit of a troublemaker. He can hide under a house somewhere if he wants to stay dry.

A new stray cat turned up this afternoon. It's mostly gray, and though it looks fully grown it isn't very large. I can't tell if it's female or male. None of the other cats were around at the time. The new cat was very hungry, and finished off a good sized bowl of food before vanishing. It was a bit fearful of me at first, but once I put food out seemed to be more confident, though never confident enough to approach me. It vanished when I went back indoors. It's possible that it has lived with people before, and if it did I'm hoping they had it fixed, especially if it is female. If it decides to hang around I certainly don't want another litter of kittens, and if it's male I don't want it picking fights with, or getting picked on, by Ton Ton, who is an un-neutered male.

My Internet service light is green at the moment, but I don't know how long I will remain connected, so I'm just going to post this entry as it is. Shopping tomorrow, if the day does not turn unbearably foul. Tonight I will enjoy listening to the rain, but hope I don't lose my electricity.
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