rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Storm Day One

As I had feared, the storm has been playing havoc with my Internet connection, and this despite the fact that it hasn't been that big a storm so far. There was quite a bit of rain overnight, attested to by the half-full bucket that caught the drips from the skylight on my back porch, but today has been mostly dry, though gray. I woke up shortly after noon and saw through my window a fog, which I hoped would grow thicker, but it only got thinner. Too bad, as I do enjoy a nice fog.

At that time there was still considerable dripping to be heard as the trees shed their accumulated rainwater, but tonight is silent. The crickets have quit chirping, and the trees have quit dripping, and there is almost no movement of the air. The bucket is not a proper rain gauge, but it usually gets half full when we've had around two inches, and that's about half of what was expected from the first part of this storm, so I'm guessing we'll get the other half tomorrow. Then the second part of the storm should arrive Sunday. Maybe it will be more vigorous than the first half has been so far,though I'd be pleased if it wasn't. A mostly dry Sunday afternoon would be fine for going shopping.

I've lost Internet service several times tonight, and when it has been on it hasn't lasted for long. The "service" light is green at the moment, and I should take advantage of it and post this entry now. Then I think I'll go outside again. The air, though chilly, is really quite pleasant, and listening to the silence is more enjoyable than being repeatedly frustrated by an unreliable Internet connection.
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