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It is in the evening that my Idernet connection goes away. I suspect it has something to do with the change in the temperature. I haven't noticed if it goes away in the mornings, but the warming of the day is much more gradual than is the cooling at evening, so it probably wouldn't. And if it is the increased condensation of the moisture in the air that is interfering with the squirrel-stripped cable, then the morning would not have that problem as the dew would be evaporating then, not collecting.

In any case, the connection is broken again right now, and I must say I'm heartily sick of seeing that "service" light turn red every evening. It's expected to start raining Thursday night, and rain could continue for several days, and I know for certain that water messes with my connection, so I've probably got a lot of being heartily sick ahead of me this week. I shall be forced to eat many cookies as compensation.

The chiropractic adjustment went well this afternoon, though since then I've developed a new low-grade headache. The headache might be weather-related, though. For quite some time I was out in the fresh air which, this time of year, can be laden with various autumnal matter that is detrimental to my sinuses. All those dying leaves and that dead grass disintegrating, all that accumulated mold stirred up by rakes and leaf blowers and drifting on the breezes. It's quite annoying, and is another thing that demands compensation. Those cookies have their work cut out for them.

Portia is napping on my lap and purring furiously. She often purrs while on my lap, but tonight she seems to be more than usually carried away. Maybe she's having a really good dream. I hate to disturb her, but if I don't get up she'll have me so relaxed that I'm apt to fall asleep in the chair and fall out of it, and then we'll both have a very bad experience. Wake up, kitty! The service light is green and I must post and run.

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