rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


My Idernet connection has been mostly nonexistent tonight, but I've gotten the update page loaded, and I'm writing something to post just in case that green "service" light comes back on. I do hope AT&T gets around to replacing that cable the squirrels have chewed up before the rainy season starts. Otherwise I'll end up with no Idernets at all.

It has turned chilly outside already this evening, and is approaching chilly in the house. I suspect that the furnace might come back on during the night, though probably not until near morning. Tomorrow I'm supposed to go to the chiropractor, so I hope to sleep comfortably and long enough that I'll be well rested. The adjustments always go easier if I'm not tired.

There were some clouds earlier, providing the slightly gibbous moon an ample canvas on which to paint with its light, but they have since dissipated and now the sky is stark and almost empty but for the moon, which is bright enough to obscure most of the stars. The moon will be full next week, but by then there might be rain and it will be unseen. There's a 10% chance of rain on Thursday, increasing to 110% Friday, and then remaining more likely than not for the subsequent three days, and possible even next Tuesday. I don't mind. I'd much rather have a good rain than see the full moon anyway. The moonlight is nice to look at, but it doesn't make the plants grow.

But the potential loss of Idernet is another thing altogether. You've got three days to deal with that damaged cable, AT&T. Get your arse in gear!

Oh, there's the green light. Must seize my opportunity.

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