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Deforestation [Oct. 6th, 2016|05:40 pm]
Another pine tree got taken down today. The crew got started early, and because the doomed tree was nearby, the noise woke me up. The tree was in the middle of the back yard of the house next door to the one behind mine. It is mostly hidden by my oak and walnut trees this time of year, but I don't think it was diseased in any way. The branches coming down looked healthy enough, anyway. I suspect that the owners had it removed merely because they found its location inconvenient. They use their back yard mostly for vehicle storage, and the tree was probably in the way.

What with the several other trees that have been removed from the area over the last couple of years, it's beginning to look awfully un-foresty out there. The absence of the tree removed today will probably give my oak and walnut a bit more sunlight, so it might be good for them, but I'll miss that tree, even though I only had a clear view of it in winter, when the oak and walnut had shed their leaves.

The noise went on for about four hours, so I never got back to sleep. I don't know what that will do to my sleeping schedule tonight. I might nod off in the middle of a movie again, and I hate when that happens. It's too late in the day to take a nap now, so I'll just have to wait and see what happens. It would probably be wise of me to fix something simple for dinner, though, and on the stove top or in the microwave. It wouldn't do to have something in the oven on a night when I might suddenly go to sleep without intending to.

Most of the feral cats made themselves scarce during the commotion, though Ton Ton Maccat, the unfixed tom, just watched the tree crew or napped the whole time. Porky came back to eat his belated breakfast once the job was done, and Shorty came back later but was scared off again before eating when a neighbor down the block decided to clean the leaves off of his roof. Shorty does not like seeing people other than me, and a person on a rooftop must have terrified him.

I've made out my shopping list for the week, and while there's not much on sale for me, there is a splendid sale on cat food and a decent price on kitty litter, so I'll be stocking up on those— provided the store doesn't run out before I get there. If they run out I'll have to settle for rain checks. I do hope they'll have something I want to eat on sale next week. This week it will be pretty much just those peaches and a jar of sauce for the pasta I'll be using up. It's a good thing I've got plenty of edible stuff in the cupboard and the freezer.