rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Whenever I'm worried about something, I tidy things up. I stack magazines, get rid of old junk mail that has been piling up, vacuum in the corners, wash tile, whiten grout- just tidy. Anybody who knows me knows something is bothering me when they see the house too clean. I've been worrying about the cats for a couple of days, and the house is getting cleaner.

Now, I also have a hard drive to tidy. I had over 2000 pictures in my documents folder, so I've begun putting them into sub-folders. This has made me realize that I don't like the whole way Windows makes me deal with documents and pictures. The folder idea is not suitable for my purposes, most of the time. I would much rather have the ability to create some sort of index, in which things could be cross-referenced. So, I could have a picture index which would allow me to see a list of pictures by photographer, by date, by subject, indeed, by any category that might become convenient for me. Paintings could be cataloged by artist, date, period, location in the real world, etc.

The folder thing is an extension of the desktop metaphor, which was designed for business, which works differently from the way most people work. I want my hard drive to be like a personal library, with a cataloge of its contents to which I can add as I please. There may be a program out there which would allow me to do this, but if so, I've never found it.


The injured cat spent more time close to the house today, and finally came in about half an hour ago. I'm still not sure exactly what is wrong with her- broken ankle, dislocated hip, whatever- she doesn't want me getting close to her. But her reluctance to come back indoors has made me think that she may have had an encounter with a door a few days ago, when it was very breezy. The doors tend to slam suddenly on days like that. I think she may have been caught in one when I wasn't around. She has been in the habit of opening the door into the garage herself. It doesn't catch perfectly, and she can usually pry it open. It may be a case of cleverness injuring the cat.

In any case, I hope she recovers soon, before the house gets so clean that it is unlivable. I want to go back to living in my familiar, worry-free sty style.

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