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Cool [Oct. 3rd, 2016|10:50 pm]
It was a delightfully cool and splendidly gray day, with occasional sprinkles from the steely sky. Tonight I smell smoke from fireplaces and wood stoves, but it hasn't been going on long enough to have become annoying. The smoke does not penetrate the closed house, in any case, so I can leave it behind by going indoors. There's little to see in the dark sky anyway, the clouds still obscuring most of the stars, and the moon not being visible, so I needn't spend time outside. The skunks and raccoons have no need of my supervision, and the feral cats are capable of looking after themselves.

I've had my dinner (with baked potatoes) and intend to settle down to watching television. I might make up a batch of batter for brownies first, as I have some white liquid from cows that I need to use up, and I bought eighteen of those oblong things that come out of chickens' behinds on Sunday. I could make some cornbread with those things, too, but that can wait until tomorrow. The chill will last into Wednesday, and the warming trend following that will not be intense, so I shall not be inhibited from using the oven. Bake, bake, bake.

It's uncertain when I'll sleep. I didn't sleep too much last night, and got up rather early today, and though I felt as though I was nodding off for a while this evening I currently don't feel especially tired. Sometimes that's when it hits me unaware. Hmmm, perhaps I should put off the baking until after I've slept. I wouldn't want to fall asleep with something in the oven that would burn. Especially not brownies. It's utterly shameful to burn brownies. Tragic, even.

Anyway, the evening's viewing is due to begin at eleven o'clock, so there's probably not enough time now to fix the batter anyway. Tomorrow it is, then. I'll try to remember. Too bad Portia only knows how to nag me to fill her bowl, and not to fix something for myself.