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Tonight there is a black moon. A black moon (by one definition— there are others) is the second new moon in a month, and it happens once every 29 months, just as a blue moon (the second full moon in a month) happens once every 29 months.

It is not likely that the black moon had anything to do with the fact that my browser crashed twice tonight, and that after the second restart a lot of LJ pages are all fouled up. Were I of a superstitious turn of mind, I'd blame a witch for this. In fact, I'm sure it's my aging computer with its obsolete operating system that is at fault. That means I blame Bill Gates, and Bill Gates is not a witch. He isn't pretty enough, for one thing. And he doesn't dress well enough. Every witch I've ever known has been a very snappy dresser.

There are lots of clouds tonight. This afternoon I watched some cirrus form in an almost entirely blue sky, and by evening it was almost entirely overcast. This is the beginning of a mostly chilly week. It's going to get down into the high forties tonight, the mid forties tomorrow night, and the low forties Sunday Night. There is an 80% chance of a thunderstorm on Sunday— just in time for my shopping trip. The clouds tonight probably won't do anything but look pretty and be hard to see because of the absence of moonlight.

It now seems likely that I'll have to be turning the furnace on tomorrow night. I'll definitely have to turn it on Sunday afternoon, as otherwise it will be to cold in the house for me to shower. And today I had the windows open all day, after leaving them open all night. There will probably be a few more days when I can leave them open this month, but probably no more nights, unless we get an unusually warm Indian summer. I'm not expecting that. For all practical purposes, window season is over until spring. I'll miss the fresh air. Goodbye, air.

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