rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


A few nights ago I was unable to post an entry because my Internet connection went away. Last night my entry was very late because the computer was misbehaving. Tonight it's been a bit of both. I am totally Pwnd by my technology.

Also Pwnd by my cat, who just took a big dump in the nearby litter box, and it's reeking so bad it's about to drive me out of the room. Well, I have to get some dinner anyway. Probably the can of beans I didn't eat last night.

English murder killing took place on television earlier, but there was something very unsatisfying about it. It was because the wrong person got killed by the wrong person. It was really an accidental death, even though a deliberate killing was committed. The plot worked, but still left me feeling like I'd been cheated out of a real, classic murder. Don't those people realize that I live through vicarious English slaughter?
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