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Interruptions [Sep. 24th, 2016|09:36 pm]
My Internets connection keeps crapping out on me again tonight. I wish AT&T would get around to replacing that squirrel-munched cable. As it is, I never know when the service light on my router is going to turn red, so I get semi-freaked out and can't concentrate on anything.

I got up way too early this morning, and didn't have a nap again, though I nodded off a few times when I was sitting on the back porch. It was very balmy, and the feral cat napping at the far end of the yard induced in me such a feeling of placidity that I closed my eyes and before I knew it I had almost fallen out of the chair. I decided it would be best to go into the house and nap, but Portia was sleeping on the couch and I didn't want to disturb her, so I couldn't lie down, and as a result I never went to sleep. My life is sometimes surprisingly foolish.

Tonight I must do triage on my shopping list. There's more stuff I'd like to buy than I can afford at this ass-end of the month, especially since I have to be saving for the property taxes which come due in November. I hate to strike the ice cream from the list, but I think I'll have to. I'll also only be able to get two containers of cat litter, though I'd like to take advantage of the sale and get four. But there's no way I'm passing up the cans of Progresso soup for .88 cents each. I'm stocking up, unless they've sold out of the flavors I like, in which case I can get a rain check for it and buy something else with the soup money. I'll get my SS check next week and can buy the soup then.

Tonight is microwaved burrito and tamale night. I'll have to go easy on the salsa, though, as nobody has it on sale this week and I'm running low.

I'd better post this before that red light comes back on on the router.