rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,


Had a nap today and dreamed about bacon. I only recall dreaming about bacon once before, but since I almost never remember my dreams it's quite possible that I dream about bacon all the time and just don't know it. As far as real bacon goes the dream is moot as I have none. On my canned goods shelf there's probably a can of Bush's baked beans that has bits of bacon in it, but bacon that's been soaking in a can with beans isn't very appetizing, so I probably won't be eating that tonight. In fact I have no idea what I'll be eating tonight, as I forgot to plan anything. Whatever I end up eating I'll probably be thinking about crisp, savory bacon the whole time.

The heat wave is not quite here yet, and the house managed to stay cool all day, and thus is in good shape for dealing with tomorrow's higher temperature. If it gets colder outside than it is inside later tonight I might open the windows for a while to capture a bit more chill. Free air conditioning! Last night the house got down to 62 degrees, and I fell asleep on the couch, without a blanket, and when I woke up around seven o'clock this morning I felt only moderately chilly. It felt quite luxurious, actually. It was what I was wishing for all summer.

This morning I got half the back lawn raked, and was surprised at how big the consequent pile of leaves was. I left it on the ground instead of getting it int a wheelie bin, as I know the feral cats enjoy playing in leaf heaps, and also like to burrow into them to sleep on cold nights. I think the feral cats might enjoy autumn as much as I do. And they don't even get pumpkin pie. I'm looking forward to getting one myself, and I hope I don't have to wait all the way 'till November for one of the stores to have one on sale. They don't this week, but then this week is going to get hot, so I'd just as soon wait until it cools off again. Pumpkin pie is definitely cold weather food.

Now I'm thinking I've surely got a can of minestrone on the shelf. There's an English muffin I could make into garlic toast, too. I think I've found my dinner. I think I'll go eat it now.
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