rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Oh, the Balminess!

The first day of autumn was semi-autumnal. It was fairly cool, and there were some clouds, but it didn't really feel very much like autumn yet. A bit of bluster might have helped, but the air was no more than occasionally breezy. The puffy white clouds were nice, and were large enough to sport a bit of gray on their undersides, but it still seemed very bright out most of the time. There were plenty of fallen leaves on the ground, but then there have been plenty of leaves on the ground most of the summer, since the heat killed so many of them.

So, yesterday actually felt more autumnal than today did, and tomorrow will be less autumnal still. Another heat wave is on the way, and the temperature will be topping 100 again over the weekend. It's more like barbecue weather than going into pumpkin season weather, and I don't have a barbecue so what good does it do me? The bird with the strange call who was hanging around all summer and only vanished a few days ago was back today, too, providing yet another reminder of the sultry days so recently passed.

Still, I have to be optimistic about October. I'm planning on getting some rain, and if it doesn't come I'm planning on suing God. As I'll be suing in a California court I'm sure the judge will be on my side— unless he's a surfer, of course. Damned surfers just love summer, and want it to last forever. Their favorite move said so. Me, I've had enough of it. Come on, fall, get your act together!

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