rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

Forget About It

There's eau de skunk in the air this evening. I wonder if it's the same fat skunk who visited my yard night before last? If so, it might be headed this way to check out the feral cats' food bowls. It will be disappointed. The cats have finished their meal tonight, leaving not a thing for either the skunk or the raccoons, who will probably show up eventually, too.

I myself will be eating something from the microwave. I slept a very long time today and am still somewhat dazed. At times such as this I like to keep things as simple as possible. I will also be doing some laundry, as I forgot to do it earlier today. The dryer will be running well past midnight, as I have two loads to do. It won't be easy staying focused and remembering they are in there. It's remarkable just how bad my memory has gotten of late.

The small crickets are buzzing loudly tonight, which doesn't help my ability to stay focused. I think they might be hypnotists. They probably don't intend to hypnotize me, but I can't think of any reason other than their constant nocturnal buzzing why I've been turning into a zombie lately. I'm pretty sure I'm not dead, so that can't be it. No, it must be the crickets, engaged in some nefarious activity aimed at one another, and getting into my brain as an incidental side effect. I'll be glad when their season is over.

That season will last at least another two weeks, even though autumn officially begins later this week. It won't be cooling off very much anytime soon, and there is no rain in the forecast. We could be in for one of those long, balmy autumns this year. A row of small flowering plants in my back yard (I used to know their name but have forgotten it) has produced a second crop of blossoms. The bees are happy, but I'm eager to get on with fall. But first I need to get on with that laundry.

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