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Late Summer Doldrums [Sep. 15th, 2016|08:16 pm]
I timed my window openings and closings well, and kept the house cool through the hottest part of the day and then opened it up late this afternoon so it will stay comfortably warm all night. I was pleased to hear the air conditioners going on in neighboring houses, as they are spending money and I'm not. Plus I get to feel smug and superior, which is almost as good as saving money.

The schadenfreud has a bitter edge to it, though, since if everybody was a careful as I've been then it would take a lot of strain off the production system and the price of energy overall could come down. Those careless bastards are costing me money! Serves them right that my feral cats crap in their yards and my dandelions seed their lawns!

Anyway. Nightfall sneaked up on me tonight, and I had to change the water in the feral cats' bowls in the dark. Someday I ought to get around to changing the bulb in the back porch light. It burned out about four years ago and I've done without it since. Sometimes it's an inconvenience, but most of the time I don't mind. I do have to take a flashlight out with me every time I go at night, so I don't accidentally step on a sleeping cat, and so can easily find the door handle to get back into the house. But it might be cheaper to have a porch light, considering the batteries the flashlight eats, even though I only turn it on briefly.

English people will murder one another on television tonight, and I'm looking forward to it as it's been a pretty dull day so far. I only got two automated spam phone calls today, and both were duds (the recordings failed to play.) The cats haven't even been very interesting to watch, as the return of the heat caused them to spend most of the day napping. I suppose they'll get playful tonight. It's cooling down very nicely, and it will soon be time to close the windows again. Until murder time I'm going to go sit on the back porch, where the small crickets aren't as loud as they are on this side of the house, and where I can watch the almost-full moon rising among the pine trees. Then soup and slaughter at nine o'clock. Life is good(ish).